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About Millennova

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It's time to rethink Snacks

Like all good stories, our story began

On a Quest

Our founder has spent her career researching, formulating and designing nutritious food. She spent time on finding alternate foods that are sustainable and provide high nutrition, energy and health in a natural way. She has been campaigning for good, honest food and her research on Millets is one such outcome for best energy booster.

Her dream is to continuously work towards being good to the planet and to the people.

Why it has to be changed

Our mission

We have tried all kinds of flavor combos. Some we thought would be delicious didn’t turn out that way. But a quality quartet emerged which we really, really like. Hope you do too.

We are very passionate about what we do and our mission is to help everyone get the required nutrition, protein, vitamins & minerals in an easy way, yet naturally. They should get sufficient energy sources from our products which are vital for growth, well-being and happiness.

That’s why we combined the most powerful ingredient combination of millets with fruits and vegetables to make it even more powerful and great tasting snacks with full of nutritious health benefits and free of junk suitable to different lifestyle’s.

With this mission, Millennova Foods has created its snacks to unleash the good choices.

Join us to make every one healthy & happy.

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Be part of the revolution and get nutritional awareness


What is Millennova

Our company is part of the here to stay Food 2.0 revolution with unique and innovative snacking products. Delivering current AND wannabe “healthies” with never seen alternate healthy and clean foods.

We aim to provide best fit alternatives to the traditional Foods as many of us are On-The-Go and lack proper nutrient in-take. So we are trying to bridge this gap by providing healthy and quick nutrient booster snacks. 

Each of our snack products are formulated, tested, manufactured and packed to the brim with meticulous and love.

We are FOOD LIBERATORS and we challenge convention.


Keeping in view the irrational & haphazard food habits that are developed due to our complex & on-the-go lifestyles, not only adults but also kids being addicted to lifestyles that are more sedentary (prone to obesity, less active, getting exhausted quickly, less memory etc.), we have decided to nourish a healthy society by creating nutritional awareness and provide real good food products that are vital for our healthy happiness.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

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