How do we feed the world in a sustainable way?

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Our Sustainability Pledge

Millennova will minimize its environmental footprint by ensuring that it’s activities and products are not harmful to the environment.

Can we produce enough high quality food for everyone without destroying our planet?

If we use high productivity systems, we can produce a lot of food. But this has negative impact on the environment.

If we use low productivity systems, the emissions are lower but we cannot produce food for everyone.

How should we balance that?

As our mission is to identify and source alternate natural resources, the solution to feed the world in a sustainable way is to use Millets.

Millets are the most sustainable food on Earth.


Millets produce 1% of the greenhouse gases that wheat and rice produces.

Millets produce less GHGs than many other cereal such as rice, soybean, maize, wheat, potatoes.

If a family of four swapped just one meal a week from wheat, rice to millets, they would save the Earth


litres of fresh water in just one year.


Less time is needed

Millets take less time to grow and does not need much care yet it is the most nutritious and healthy than wheat, rice and other cereals.

Good for you,

good for our planet

That's why we have redefined

At Millennova we formulate, craft and redefine use of millets blended with vegetables & fruits in such a way that it enhances the nutritious component and make our snacks healthy, delicious and tasty.

Different Millets
Different Millets