Assorted Combo Packs – Made with Millets, Fruits & Vegetables


Do you want to try all of our 4 Variants?

The Assorted Taster Pack contains All 4 Millennova Flavors.

The Taster Pack:
No frills.
No hassle.

  • Carrot Glows – with Carrot and Mint (Mild Tangy Spice)
  • Power Beets – with Beetroot and Lime (Mild Tangy Spice)
  • Banana Boosters – with Banana, Dates, Honey and Jaggery (Mild Sweet)
  • Ginger Zests – with Ginger, Honey and Jaggery (Mild Sweet)

Price includes 3 each X 4 variants.


Additional information

Weight315 g
Dimensions26 × 16 × 19 cm

Pack of 12, Pack of 8