"Why do you think we used Beetroot and Lime with Millets?"

By Team Millennova

Millets are an incredible source of nutrition to our body. Ideally, 100gm serving of millet contains:

378 calories of Energy, 4.2g of Total Fat out of which Saturated Fat is 0.7g, Total Carbohydrate content is 73g, Dietary Fiber is 8.5g, Protein content is 11g, Riboflavin is 0.290 mg, Vitamin B6 is 0.384 mg, Vitamin E is 0.05 mg, Tocopherol alpha is 0.05 mg, Vitamin K is 0.9 mcg, Calcium is 1%, Iron content is 17%, Copper is 38%, Magnesium is 28%, Manganese is 82%, Phosphorus is 28%, Potassium is 4%, Selenium is 4%, Zinc is 11%.

In addition to this, it is also rich in several B-vitamins and dietary minerals, especially, Manganese.

People affected by gluten related disorders, who need a gluten free diet, can replace gluten containing cereals with Millets.

What happens if these nutritional values are naturally preserved and get absorbed in our body?

We get insurmountable health benefits: 

  • Treats coronary artery disorder
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Helps to decrease blood pressure
  • Controls diabetes
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • Aids in sleep
  • Helps in relieving menstrual cramps
  • Aids in breast milk production
  • Improves skin elasticity

Beetroot which is used as a building blocks of our body, is extremely beneficial in many ways. It has nutritional values, Protein 2g, Potassium 325mg, Dietary Fiber 2.8g, 43 calories of Energy and 0.2g of Total Fats and 1% Calcium, 8% Vitamin C, 4% Iron, 5% Vitamin B6 and 5% Magnesium.

What happens if these nutritional values are naturally preserved and get absorbed in our body?

We get insurmountable health benefits –

  • Reduce blood pressure

It has naturally occurring nitrates which are converted into nitric acid in the body and this nitric acid helps to improve the blood flow and reduce blood pressure within a couple of hours.

  • Increases our stamina

The nitrates present in beet get converted into nitric oxide in human body. This increases the tolerance to high intensity exercises. Studies have shown that people who consume beet juice prior to exercise can exercise for 16% longer period of time.

  • Keep our heart in good shape

Beet reduces triglycerides and cholesterol by increasing the amount of good cholesterol. Development of conditions like atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes can be prevented by consumption of beet.

  • Helps prevent cancer

Beet contains the pigment betacyaninis which can prevent the growth of cancer cells. Beets are good for preventing colon, lung and skin cancer.

  • Prevents dementia

Blood flow to certain areas of the brain decrease with age and this can lead to loss of cognition and eventual dementia.  Drinking beet juice will help supply oxygen to the brain.

  • Prevents respiratory problems

Beetroot is rich in a powerful natural antioxidant which helps to strengthen the body’s immune system. It also has natural beta carotene which helps to prevent lung cancer.

  • Aids in purification of blood and liver

It helps in the process of detoxification and thus leaves the blood and liver purified. The fiber in beetroot ensures that the toxins are properly removed from your liver.

  • Takes care of your liver

Beetroot contains calcium, betaine, B vitamins, iron and anti-oxidants which are very good for your liver. It also contains zinc and copper which aid in the protection of the liver cells.

“Do you ever wonder the food that we take, though it has high protein, iron, calcium, fiber etc. will be futile if they are not absorbed in our body the way it should be?”

No matter how complete our macro & micro nutrients are, it won’t be very useful if the body won’t be able to absorb and actually use it.

Then, HOW TO GET THEM ABSORBED and use it?

Lime is the solution. It is a citrus fruit which acts as a natural preservative that helps macro & micro nutrients get absorbed in our body. It is also an abundant source of antioxidants, that protect our body by prohibiting the damage caused by free radicals.

Lime is also a rich source of vitamin C which stimulates the activities of the WBC – White Blood Count which protect our body against alien bodies and help fight diseases. The vitamin C, flavonoids and the antioxidants help to strengthen the collagen, thereby hydrating and rejuvenating our skin.

Lime also helps to boost the body’s metabolism, helping you to burn more calories and store less fat. With its low glycemic index, it helps regulate the absorption of the sugar in the bloodstream. Hence, it proves to be ultra-beneficial for diabetic patients.

Limes are beneficial sources of magnesium and potassium which promote heart health.

What happens if these all 3 foods are combined together? What happens if all these food’s nutritional values are naturally preserved and get absorbed in our body?

Yes, we made it easy by combining Millets with Beetroot, Pulses and Lime to have multi-benefits to our bodies.

We made POWER BEETS snacks which are unique and innovative in its kind. As they are formulated naturally keeping in mind that at least 20% of recommended daily nutrition intake is provided.

Our snacks are not made with Atta, Maida, or Preservatives, or Additives or any other artificial substances, they are made with Multi-Millets, Multi-Dals, Fruits & Vegetables.